The Program and the Schedule of Activities

The Balkans Peace Program 2017: Post-Conflict Development in Kosovo consists of three key components:

  • education / academics: participants will be offered a college course on the Politics and Development of the Balkans with Focus on Kosovo at the AAB College in Pristina, Kosovo. Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will be given an official transcript from the AAB College to show that they have earned 4 ECTS credits. The course will be taught in English by well qualified instructor. During this course, participants may also be addressed by guest speakers.
  • culture / networking: participants will have the possibility to extend their professional and personal networking with local students of similar ages.
  • sight-seeing / tours: participants will be taken on an organized tour of historic sites throughout Kosovo. They will also be visiting Albania, and Macedonia.

Participants will be staying in Pristina, Kosovo. The following is a detailed agenda of all activities. AAB College reserves the right to change the agenda if need be. Any changes in the agenda will be communicated to participants in time.

Dates Activities
Saturday, Aug 12 – Sunday, Aug 13 Arrival and check-in of all participants. We will pick up all participants at the Pristina International Airport and Pristina Bus Terminal. Participants will be placed in the Dorm Rooms of AAB.
Monday, Aug 14 – Wednesday, Aug 23 Daily lectures, on International Development, Decentralization, Conflict Resolution and Post Conflict Societies: Kosovo and the Balkans (one morning / one afternoon session daily). This is an academic course. Official transcripts will be issued by the AAB College for each attending participant. The course will be taught in English.
Thursday, Aug 17 Visit to Skopje and Tetovo (Republic of Macedonia)
Friday, Aug 18 Visit to Albania (Komani Lake)
Wednesday, Aug 23 Closing ceremony and cocktail party: students are handed out their Program Certificates.
Thursday, Aug 24 – Friday, Aug 25 Program Staff will take participants to the Pristina International Airport or Bus Terminal for departures from Kosovo.